5. Working with QBF Operations : QBF Retrieve Operation : Start the Retrieve Operation
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Start the Retrieve Operation
You can start the Retrieve operation from the operating system or from the Ingres Menu.
To start the Retrieve operation from the Ingres Menu
1. Choose Queries.
2. Choose QBF.
The QBF Start-Up frame displays.
3. Choose QBFNames, JoinDefs, or Tables for the appropriate Catalog frame.
When working with a table query target, you must also choose SimpleFields or TableField format.
4. Place the cursor over the name of your query target in the Catalog frame and choose the Go operation.
QBF displays the Execution Phase frame.
5. On the QBF Execution Phase frame, click Retrieve.
QBF displays the Retrieve frame with the fields of your query target and a menu of operations. The appearance of the Retrieve frame varies depending on the type of query target. The following section discusses the Retrieve Frame.
Some data columns in a table can be hidden from your view by the JoinDef ChangeDisplay operation.
The chapter "Using QBF" discusses steps 1 through 4 in more detail.