10. Using Report-Writer : Format of Report Specification Statements : Statement and Parameter Delimiters
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Statement and Parameter Delimiters
You must precede and follow a report formatting statement with white space, either by explicitly entering spaces or tabs before and after a statement, or by using line breaks to separate the statements. White space following a statement must occur between the statement and any numeric parameter following the statement, as in:
.pagewidth 80
Lack or incorrect placement of white space statement delimiters can result in incorrect statement interpretation and could cause an error.
Statements can span any number of lines. Except where otherwise noted, commas separate multiple values for a parameter within statements, such as in the .sort or .print statements.
If a parameter is a user name, column name, or table name (including view names and synonyms), you can delimit it with double quotes (") to include spaces or other characters that are usually disallowed in these names. For more information, see Delimited Identifiers n the chapter "Report-Writer Expressions and Formats."