C. Writing Termcap Descriptions : Supplied Termcap File
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Supplied Termcap File
The following read-only termcap file, which contains information about your terminal's characteristics, is supplied with Ingres:
Windows: %II_SYSTEM%\ingres\files\termcap
UNIX: $II_SYSTEM/ingres/files/termcap
The termcap file is based closely on the standard UNIX termcap file, except that it contains extra commands that allow the terminal to work with the forms system. A correctly written termcap description allows the forms programs to work properly, although it does not support all of the advanced features that the terminal provides, such as certain video attributes.
You can use terminals that are in the currently supported termcap file for UNIX and VMS environments (listed in an appendix in this guide) without having to do any of the special programming described here.
In a PC environment, the termcap file contains nine primary records, as follows:
Color monitor
Microsoft Windows colors
Color monitor; similar to pccolor, but with multiple fonts
Color monitor; same as pcfont, but with different fonts
Color monitor; similar to pccolor, but with gaudier colors
Color monitor with 43‑line windows; same as pcgaudy, but for 43‑line windows
Monochrome monitor
Not for use with Microsoft Windows
Not for use with Microsoft Windows
Each record in the PC termcap file contains a number of command strings that define terminal behavior. The only modifications you make to these records are to define some of the advanced features of your PC or to define the size of your monitor.