2. Fundamentals of Using Querying and Reporting Tools : Access to Database Tables : Synonym Use
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Synonym Use
A synonym is a definable label for a table name. You can use an existing synonym, whether yours or someone else's, to refer to a table when the actual table name is subject to frequent or occasional change. Synonyms also provide a shorter way to reference a long table name. Your entry is interpreted as the table name currently defined by the synonym you entered.
Access to the underlying table implies access to its synonyms. In lists of available choices, the Ingres forms-based tools display only the synonyms that you own and those owned by the DBA to which you have access. Synonyms owned by other users are not displayed.
To view a list of any other synonyms, you can enter the following SQL statement from the Interactive Terminal Monitor:
help synonym *
If you want to use a synonym that belongs to another user, include its schema name in the table name entry field.
Although you can use existing synonyms in your database, you cannot define them with an Ingres forms-based tool. For more information, see Synonyms in the Database Administrator Guide.