2. Fundamentals of Using Querying and Reporting Tools : Before Using the Querying and Reporting Tools : Terminal Definition
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Terminal Definition
UNIX and VMS: You or the system administrator must define the type of terminal you are using. Normally, the system administrator sets up all such session options and defines your terminal to Ingres. However, if the terminal you are using has not been defined to Ingres, you must do so before you can access your database.
The environment variable/logical, TERM_INGRES, allows you to define to the type of terminal you are using. Depending on your operating system, use one of the following commands:
For the C shell:
setenv TERM_INGRES termname
For the Bourne shell:
define TERM_INGRES termname
The termname is the name of the terminal description for your terminal in the termcap file, such as VT100i. For details, see the chapter "Defining Your Terminal."