B. Defining Function and Control Keys : Restrictions and Limitations (UNIX and VMS Environments) : Troubleshooting Checklist (UNIX and VMS)
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Troubleshooting Checklist (UNIX and VMS)
When troubleshooting your function and control key definitions, consider the following:
1. Have you checked the contents of the map error files in the working directory (ingkey.err or app_ingkey.err)?
The error messages written to this file indicate map file problems. For example, if the same key is referenced twice, the warning error message is written to this file. If this file is empty, an error occurred before the map file was parsed, and an error message was sent to the terminal screen.
For example, no forms statements can be executed prior to starting the FRS. If a set mapfile statement preceded ## forms or exec frs forms in the embedded query language program, the error message is written to the terminal.
2. Are the terminal's physical setup or emulation characteristics compatible with the current TERM_INGRES and key map definitions?
For example if you are using a terminal, a problem occurs if a VT220 terminal is setup as a VT220 but TERM_INGRES is set to vt100i whose map file references PF keys.
3. Is the user's TERM_INGRES terminal type compatible with the active key definitions?
If not, mapping can seem to be broken when an OpenIngres tool or application starts up; for example, if TERM_INGRES is set to vt100nk but INGRES_KEYS points to vt200.map.
4. Is the INGRES_KEYS environment variable/logical set unintentionally?
This often happens when applications are moved to a new machine where INGRES_KEYS is defined, unlike the previous environment.
5. Have any of the key map file path names become invalid?
For example, if the file system was moved to a new device, the file pathnames referred to by INGRES_KEYS or set mapfile are now invalid or perhaps file permissions were changed and the FRS cannot open the map files.
6. Are lower‑level key definitions showing through on the user's menu line?
This is the result of the key map merging by the FRS. This most often occurs when you forget to remap or turn off an intended key in the application map file or do not realize that INGRES_KEYS is also pointing to a map file.