10. Using Report-Writer : How to Produce a Report with Report-Writer : Ways to Create a Report Specification
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Ways to Create a Report Specification
The report specification is a text file consisting of Report-Writer statements that define the content and format of your report.
You can create a report specification in one of the following ways:
Create Report-Writer source code from scratch in a text file using any text editor and the language described in this guide.
Use RBF to create a default report based on available default styles and the table or view of your choice; then edit the report in Report-Writer, if necessary.
Use the RBF Archive operation to save a RBF default report specification as a text file that you can edit in Report-Writer. The Archive operation allows you to choose a name for the text file. You can then edit the file to customize the report to your needs by adding or deleting Report-Writer statements.
Note:  Once a RBF report specification has been archived for use with Report-Writer and stored in the database with the sreport command, the report specification can no longer be edited in RBF.