17. System Commands for the Forms-based Tools : compform Command--Compile a Form
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compform Command--Compile a Form
The compform command compiles a form that is stored in a database and places it in a text file.
When you are developing applications, you often must compile a form for use with embedded SQL or other embedded query languages. Compiling a form reduces start‑up time when the form is then used in an embedded query language program.
The compform command performs the same operation as the Compile operation on the VIFRED Utilities menu.
To describe the form, the compform command produces a C language structure, by default.
The compform command has the following format:
compform dbname |vnode::dbname[/server_class] form filename [-m]
[-uusername] [-Ggroupid]
Specifies the name of the form. You can compile only one form at a time.
Specifies the name of the text file into which the compiled form is placed.
VMS: Compiles a form into OpenVMS macro code. This flag is set by default on OpenVMS machines.
Unless you specify this flag, compform compiles the form into C language code.