17. System Commands for the Forms-based Tools : copyform Command--Copy a Form to Another Database : copyform Examples
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copyform Examples
In the following examples, if your database resides on a remote system--for instance, the projects database on the hq node--specify the database as hq::projects rather than projects.
1. The following command line copies out a form called employees from the projects database into a text file called empform.txt:
copyform projects empform.txt employees
2. The following command line copies out a JoinDef called emp_join from the projects database into the empinfo.txt file:
copyform projects empinfo.txt ‑j emp_join
3. To force copyform to prompt you for a list of QBFNames from the projects database, use the following command line:
copyform projects empdata.txt ‑q
4. The following command copies the text file empform.txt into the newemp database:
copyform ‑i newemp empform.txt