17. System Commands for the Forms-based Tools : delobj Command--Delete Objects from Database : delobj Examples
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delobj Examples
1. This command deletes the empreport report from the empdata database:
delobj empdata -report empreport
2. This command deletes the videoapp application from the video database, specifying user name Adder:
delobj video -uAdder -application videoapp
3. This command deletes the forms listed in a prepared namefile:
delobj video -form -include namefile
The namefile contains the following:
wa1 wa2 wa3 wa4 wa5 wa6 wa7 wa8 wa9 wa10 wa11 wa12 wa13
wr1 wr2 wr3 wr4 wr5 wr6 wr7 wr8 wr9 wr11 wr12 wr13
wr14 wr15 wr16 #Includes all wr names except wr10.
4. In the following examples, assume objects: qbfname_1, qbfnameA1, and qbfnameB1.
a. The following command deletes all three objects using the underscore as a wildcard character:
delobj dbname -qbfname qbfname_1 -wildcard
b. The previous command without the -wildcard flag deletes the qbfname qbfname_1 only:
delobj dbname -qbfname qbfname_1
c. The previous command is identical to the following command, which escapes the underscore character, preventing it from being used as a wildcard character, even though the -wildcard flag is specified:
delobj dbname -qbfname qbfname\_1 -wildcard
5. Deletes all reports listed in the oldrpts.txt file from the admin database:
delobj admin ‑report ‑include oldrpts.txt
Some examples of possible entries in the oldrpts.txt file are:
# Example of a comment in an included file
oldrpt           # Comment following a report name
oldrpt           # Comment closely following a report name
sales\_old       # Deletes only the report, sales_old
sales_1          # Deletes salesA1, sales B1, and so on
sales%           # Deletes reports beginning with "sales"
sales\[1‑9\]     # Deletes reports sales1 through sales9
proj3 proj7      # Example of reports separated by a space
rpt1 rpt2     # Example of reports separated by a tab