17. System Commands for the Forms-based Tools : query Command--Invoke QBF Query Execution
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query Command--Invoke QBF Query Execution
The query command invokes the Query Execution phase of Query-By-Forms (QBF), a forms-based interface for manipulating data in a database. Through the Query Execution phase you can append, retrieve, or modify data.
The query command has the following format:
query dbname |vnode::dbname[/server_class] [-mmode] [-t|-f|-j] querytarget [-e] [-uusername] [-Ggroupid]
The flags and parameters have the same meaning as those for the qbf command (see page qbf Command--Start Query-By-Forms), except that querytarget is required on the query command.
Unless you specify otherwise with the -t, -f, or -j flag, the query command uses the same order for looking up the query target as the -l flag in the qbf command: QBFName, then JoinDef, then table. Use the query or the qbf command with a specific mode flag (-mappend, -mupdate, or -mretrieve) to enter and remain in a particular query execution function. Use the query command without the -mmode flag to access all query execution functions (Append, Retrieve, Update) for the specified query target.