7. Using IPM to Monitor and Troubleshoot : Check for Logging Delays
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Check for Logging Delays
Certain logging conditions may result in user complaints of slow response time. The Logging System Header screen in IPM can help you determine if a sluggish system is due to logging activities.
To check for logging delay
1. Select Log_Info from the Main Menu.
The Log Info Menu is displayed.
2. Select Header.
The Logging System Header screen is displayed.
3. Check the Status field.
Any of the following states indicates that the delay is due to the logging system:
The log file is overly full while executing a consistency point (CP). The CP must complete before log space can be released. The status LOGFULL, ARCHIVE may also be displayed.
The log file becomes full and journaled transactions must be archived to free up log space. When the archiver is done, log space is released.
The log file has reached a limit where all database updates/deletes/inserts are stalled until enough space is reclaimed. The Warning field is also visible.
The logging system is backing out the oldest transaction. Doing this does not block any other transactions, but it does take CPU cycles. The amount of CPU cycles used depends upon what the transaction was doing when it was singled out for rollback.