7. Using IPM to Monitor and Troubleshoot : Determine Group Commit Efficiency
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Determine Group Commit Efficiency
You can use IPM to determine how efficient group commit is in your installation. The ratio of Log group count to Log group commit indicates how many waiting transactions are satisfied for each group commit operation.
To determine the efficiency of group commit in your installation
1. Select Log_Info from the Main Menu.
The Log Info Menu is displayed.
2. Select Summary.
The Logging System Summary screen is displayed.
3. Look at the ratio of Log group count to Log group commit.
A ratio of 10:1 indicates that 10 commits were satisfied with one group commit write. You can use the Interval menu item to observe this over a short period of time.
If the ratio approaches 1:1, potentially empty (or near empty) log buffers are being written out, possibly wasting space in the log file. To avoid this, decrease the size and number of the log buffers.