6. Monitoring Log Information : Logging System Header Screen : Logging System Header Screen with Transaction Display : Examine a Particular Position in the Log File
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Examine a Particular Position in the Log File
From the Logging System Transaction Display, a position in the log file can be examined.
To examine a particular position in the log file
1. Open the Logging System Transaction Display and move the cursor to the Log file Diagram.
2. Place the cursor (using the arrow keys) anywhere on the arrow representation of the log file, and then select the Examine menu item.
A snapshot is taken of the transactions, as well as the BOF and EOF. A pop-up screen displays the range of log file pages with transactions. The snapshot is used until the Examine submenu is exited.
To obtain the latest state of the logging system
1. Exit the Examine submenu and select Examine again.
Autorefresh, if enabled, is suspended during the Examine phase. Autorefresh is re-enabled when you exit the submenu.