1. Introducing Ingres Performance Monitoring : Interactive Performance Monitor
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Interactive Performance Monitor
The Interactive Performance Monitor (IPM) monitors a running Ingres installation. It displays information about servers, sessions, and locking and logging activity.
IPM is an interactive, forms-based interface with the functionality of the following tools:
IPM can be used for multiple purposes, as follows:
IPM monitors the state of the different processes, the logging and locking systems, the database servers, the log file, and the user sessions.
Performance analysis
IPM can be used to analyze performance problems. It displays in real time which tables and pages are locked, whether the locks are shared or exclusive, and which transactions are blocking or possibly deadlocked with other transactions. It displays user sessions and whether each is active or waiting for user input, and displays log file and logging system statistics.
System management
IPM provides information useful for maintaining and tuning the Ingres configuration. For example, it displays in real time how much of the log file is in use and by whom. IPM can also be used to spot user behaviors that interfere with other users, such as transactions that are neither committed nor rolled back over a long time.