7. Using IPM to Monitor and Troubleshoot : Locate Concurrency Problems
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Locate Concurrency Problems
If a session is stalled, it may be waiting for a lock.
To check for concurrency problems
1. Select Lock_Info from the Main Menu.
The Lock Info Menu is displayed.
2. Select Locks.
The Lock List Display screen is displayed.
3. Tab to the Status column and select the Find menu item.
The String to search for prompt appears.
4. Type WAIT and press the Return key.
If there are lock lists with blocked locks, the cursor is placed on that lock list. Any lock lists with a status of WAIT are blocked from proceeding.
5. Select the Block_Info menu item to determine what lock is preventing the transaction from proceeding. (The cursor must be on the blocked lock list.)
The Blocking Lock Display screen is displayed.
6. Look in the scrolling area. The blocking lock is at the top, and all other waiting locks are below. Note the session name so that you can track down the user.
7. Select End.
You are returned to the Lock List Display screen.
8. Select a lock list and than select the Examine menu item to view the individual locks for that lock list.