7. Using IPM to Monitor and Troubleshoot : Locate a Problem Transaction
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Locate a Problem Transaction
To see which transaction is preventing reclamation of log file space
1. Select Log_Info from the Main Menu.
The Log Info Menu is displayed.
2. Select Header.
The Logging System Header screen is displayed.
3. Examine the Log File diagram.
The diagram depicts the log file as it logically appears. The field boundaries represent the physical begin and end of file. The logical begin and end are marked by > symbols.
4. Select the Examine menu item.
A submenu and additional transaction information on the Logging System Header screen is displayed.
On this transaction display, you can view the transactions that span the portion of the log file represented by the ^ symbol on the Log file diagram field. All transactions found for the current portion of the log file appear in the scrolling area on the bottom right of the screen. The Next and Previous menu items move the caret symbol to any area of the Log file Diagram covered by the arrow (“>----->”).
5. Select Next to logically step through the log file (starting at the BOF--where the caret rests) until a user transaction appears in the scrolling area.
This transaction is the oldest transaction in the log file that is preventing log file space from being reclaimed.
6. Take steps to remove or commit the offending transaction.