6. Monitoring Log Information : Logging System Header Screen : Logging System Header Screen--Status Field Values
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Logging System Header Screen--Status Field Values
The Status field on the Logging System Header screen can have the following values:
The archiver is preparing to shut down. (This indicates that an rcpconfig command with the shutdown option has been issued.)
The archiver process is archiving journaled transactions to the journal files.
The logging system is requesting the recovery process to start writing a begin consistency point.
The logging system marks the start of on-line backup. It marks this block as the on-line backup start block (SB). Ckpdb starts backing up the database.
The logging system is in the process of closing a database.
DBMS servers are flushing their modified pages to disk.
The logging system is about to take a consistency point.
The logging system is synchronizing the fast-commit threads.
The logging system is in the process of disabling dual logging.
Dual logging is enabled.
Note:  DUAL_LOGGING does not mean that both primary and dual logs are active. To determine this, check for Active Log(s).)
The logging system is requesting that the recovery process start writing an end consistency point.
The logging system has taken an end consistency point. This status flag is present most of the time while the logging system is functioning normally.
The force-abort-limit has been reached; the logging system is aborting the oldest transaction. The Log Transaction Display screen can be used to find out which transaction is being aborted.
The logging system has been told to shut down immediately. (This is displayed when the user invokes rcpconfig with the imm_shutdown option.) Note that the logging system does not perform any housekeeping as part of the shutdown process. The recovery process becomes responsible for backing out any uncommitted transactions left in the log file once the logging system has been restarted.
The log file is full. The system administrator must determine the cause of this and increase the log file size. A warning indicator is also displayed.
The logging system has been requested to manually abort a distributed transaction.
The logging system has been requested to manually commit a distributed transaction.
The logging system is on line. The logging and recovery systems are operating OK.
The logging system is in the process of opening a database.
A database has been closed by the last user who had it open; the archiver is archiving transactions that belong to this database.
The recovery process is recovering transactions from a runaway DBMS.
The logging system has requested the recovery process to perform recovery.
This is an important status that indicates that the archiver has stopped and must be restarted by the database administrator (DBA). This is not done automatically. If the archiver is not restarted, the log file eventually fills up, reaching the LOG_FILE_FULL limit, and causing Ingres to stall.
The logging system is shutting down. As part of the shutdown process, the logging system commits to disk all the committed transactions and backs out any uncommitted ones. The archiver also journals all the committed transactions for tables with journaling enabled.