7. Using IPM to Monitor and Troubleshoot : Monitor Resource Usage
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Monitor Resource Usage
If you are monitoring a busy system and want to view the amount of locking and logging resources being consumed for a certain period, use the Interval option with autorefresh on.
Both the Locking System Summary and Logging System Summary screens allow statistics to be collected over an interval whose starting point is determined by selecting the Interval menu item.
To start the interval
1. Invoke IPM with autorefresh on. To do this, either use the -r flag on the ipm command, or set the autorefresh option on the Option Selection screen (select the Options menu item from the Main Menu).
2. Select either Lock_Info or Log_Info from the Main Menu.
Either the Lock Info Menu or Log Info Menu is displayed.
3. Select Summary from either the Lock Info Menu screen or the Log Info Menu screen.
The System Summary screen is displayed.
4. Select the Interval menu item.
The Interval submenu is displayed.
5. Select the Begin_Now menu item to enable the Interval option.
A starting and current time is displayed. The starting times and statistics are saved until reset. This allows you to use other parts of IPM and view these screens to see the latest cumulative locking and logging statistics.