7. Using IPM to Monitor and Troubleshoot : Operate With an Unresponsive Server
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Operate With an Unresponsive Server
If a server becomes unresponsive, you can still monitor the state of the system with IPM. There are two methods:
Restart IPM with the -s (stand-alone) option.
In this case, IPM cannot print database or table names because it cannot connect to any server in stand-alone mode. However, this is the simplest method.
Start up a second server.
Delete the first (problem) server from the Name Server’s list using the iinamu utility. You must be a privileged user to invoke this utility. For more information on starting a server and using the iinamu utility, see the System Administrator Guide.
After IPM connects to the new server, you can use IPM to determine the state of the system. Use the Log and Lock Information areas (Log Info and Lock Info from the Main Menu) to view the state of the system.