4. Monitoring Server Information : Session List Screen : Session List Menu Items
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Session List Menu Items
The Session List screen has the following menu items:
Displays the Session Detail screen. This screen displays information about the selected session, indicated by the cursor position when this menu item is selected.
For more information on this, see Server Detail Screen (More_Info)).
Displays a submenu that allows a privileged user to delete the session on which the cursor is positioned.
The submenu choices are:
Removes session from the server. Any open transactions it has are rolled back.
Same as Find menu item below.
Returns to the Session List screen.
Caution!  Do not remove internal sessions (marked with angle brackets <>). Removing an internal session must be used only as a last resort and only with assistance from Customer Support.
Removing an internal session can cause the loss of all uncommitted transactions and can prevent you from properly shutting down your Ingres installation.
Queries the specified server for a list of sessions and refresh the display. If the server no longer exists, a message is printed.
Searches for matching values in any column in the scrolling area. Tab to the desired column and select Find.
For example, use Find to search for LOCK in the State column.
Displays help screens.
Returns to the Server List screen.
Exits IPM.