A. Tools Quick Reference
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Tools Quick Reference
The following table lists tools that are used frequently to perform operations in Ingres. Many of these operations can also be performed using the Visual Tools on Windows.
Note:  This table uses the following conventions:
Lowercase = Line-based command
Lowercase bold = Command that starts a forms-based utility
Uppercase = SQL statement
For command syntax and examples, see the Command Reference Guide.
Also See
Start or stop Ingres
ingstart, ingstop
Installation Guide
Create or destroy databases
createdb, destroydb
Database Administrator Guide
Create tables
SQL Reference Guide
Load or unload data
copydb, unloaddb, fastload
Database Administrator Guide
Back up or recover data
copydb, unloaddb, relocatedb, auditdb, ckpdb, rollforwarddb
Database Administrator Guide
isql, sql, vdba
SQL Reference Guide
Maintain or tune databases
MODIFY, usermod, sysmod, optimizedb, alterdb, statdump
Database Administrator Guide
Configure installation
cbf, netutil, ingprenv, ingsetenv, ingunset, iigetres, iisetres, iiinitres
System Administrator Guide
Manage or monitor
ipm, iimonitor, lockstat, logstat, iinamu, cacheutil, syscheck, verifydb, infodb
Interactive Performance Monitor Tools User Guide
System Administrator Guide
Authorize user access
Security Guide
SQL Reference Guide