2. Creating a Database : How You Create a Database Using Visual Tools : Connect to Ingres Using Visual DBA
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Connect to Ingres Using Visual DBA
Before you can create database objects, you must connect to Ingres.
To connect to Ingres using Visual DBA
1. Start Visual DBA.
Select Start, All Programs, Ingres, IngresXX, Ingres Visual DBA. (Alternatively, right-click the Ingres icon on the Windows taskbar, and choose Ingres Visual DBA from the menu.)
The Ingres Visual DBA window is displayed.
2. Expand the Nodes branch in the left pane.
All your virtual nodes for the Ingres instance are displayed.
3. Right-click the (local) node and select Connect.
You are connected to the node. The Database Object Manager (DOM) is displayed, which shows all database objects for the node.