1. New Features in Ingres 10.2 : DBMS Server Enhancements : Miscellaneous SQL Enhancements
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Miscellaneous SQL Enhancements
Miscellaneous additions to SQL are as follows:
SET DATE_ALIAS [INGRESDATE | ANSIDATE] lets you control the date alias at the session level.
SET NUMERIC_OVERFLOW provides another way to set error handling for numeric values that are outside the supported range of values.
DROP...CASCADE drops all dependent objects when dropping a table, view, or index.
DROP SCHEMA drops the specified schema and its collection of database objects.
IS INGRESDATE predicate can be used to determine if a result can be assigned to a column of the given data type.
LIKE WITH[OUT] DIACRITICAL indicates whether to ignore diacriticals during pattern matching.
SIMILAR TO predicate can operate against an expanded set of character classes.
CREATE INDEX...WITH STRUCTURE=RTREE no longer requires the RANGE option.
HELP RULES ON TABLE displays all rules defined for the specified tables.
COPY TABLE...INTO...WITH COMPRESSION creates LZH compressed data files.
For details, see the SQL Reference Guide.