1. New Features in Ingres 10.2 : Connectivity Enhancements : Obsolete Network Protocol Drivers Removed : Network Protocol Drivers Removed
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Network Protocol Drivers Removed
lanman – Microsoft Lan Manager
nvlspx – Novell SPX/IPX
wintcp – Winsock 1.1 TCP/IP
UNIX, Linux:
async – BLAST serial protocol
decnet – DECnet (still used and supported on VMS, but not from UNIX)
iso_oslan – ISO OSI Local Area Network
iso_x25 – ISO OSI X25
nvlspx – Novell SPX/IPX
sna_lu62 – SNA LU62 (was available only on Oracle/Sun Solaris, HP-UX, and IBM AIX)
async – BLAST serial protocol
nvlspx – Novell SPX/IPX
sna_lu0 – SNA LU0
tcp_wol – Wollongong or Multinet running Wollongong emulation TCP/IP