1. New Features in Ingres 10.2 : Connectivity Enhancements : Secure Communications Encryption with AES
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Secure Communications Encryption with AES
A new Ingres security mechanism, AES, provides secure connections between the client and the DBMS Server by using the AES encryption algorithm. The AES mechanism uses both AES and RSA keys and provides a higher level of security than the INGRES mechanism.
By default, AES encryption is not enabled. The mechanism and encryption must be configured properly for the server and client, JDBC connections, and .NET Data Provider connections.
The Security and Net Server components have new configuration parameters and new settings on existing parameters to allow configuration of AES encryption for the server and client.
AES encryption can be enabled and configured for JDBC connections using the JDBC Driver property, "encryption," and new system properties, and for .NET connections using "encrypt" and other connection string keyword parameters.
For details, see the Security Guide and Connectivity Guide.
Note:  This feature is available in Linux and Windows environments only.