4. Authorizing User Access : Users and Profiles : Working with User Objects : Authorize Multiple Users with SQLscript
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Authorize Multiple Users with SQLscript
Using accessdb you can create a file of the users at your installation and their corresponding permissions. This file is useful for copying installations.
To create a file of users
1. From the accessdb main menu choose Users.
The Users Catalog screen appears.
2. Choose the SQLscript menu item.
The accessdb utility creates an SQL script and displays an SQLscript message indicating the file location.
3. Press Return.
The message is cleared from the screen.
4. Select End.
Note:  If you do not see the End function listed, press ESC to scroll through the menu options.
You are returned to the accessdb main menu.
Note:  The SQLscript function creates users only, not the profiles, groups, or roles associated with each user. Roles and groups must be unloaded and reloaded for the script to generate the expected results.