8. Implementing PAM in Ingres : How to Implement LDAP Authentication Using PAM : Active Directory Configuration : Browse Active Directory Database
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Browse Active Directory Database
To find the format of Distinguished Names, you may have to browse the Active Directory database.
The ldapsearch command lists all of the contents of the Active Directory database.
To browse the Active Directory database
1. Issue the following command:
ldapsearch -V -Y DIGEST-MD5 -H ldap://myHost.myDomain.com:389 '(objectclass=*)'
You can use the objectclass filter without wildcards to limit the search.
You are prompted for a password.
2. Enter the password of your own Active Directory account.
Example--The following ldapsearch command browses the Active Directory for user "johnDoe@myDomain.com" with a sAMAccountName of "johnDoe" and can serve as a test of the ldap.conf configuration:
ldapsearch -x -W -D "johnDoe@myDomain.com" -LLL "(sAMAccountName=johnDoe)"