8. Implementing PAM in Ingres : Build the Ingvalidpam Program
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Build the Ingvalidpam Program
The invalidpam executable and source is included in the Ingres distribution. In most cases, the executable works fine as delivered, but it can be built from the source, if necessary.
The following .c and .h files, which are required to build the ingvalidpam executable, are available in the directory $II_SYSTEM/ingres/files/iipwd:
To build the invalidpam executable
1. Change directory as follows:
cd $II_SYSTEM/ingres/files/iipwd
2. Issue the following command:
cc -o $II_SYSTEM/ingres/bin/ingvalidpam ingvalidpam.c inpwutil.c –lpam
The ingvalidpam executable is created.
To enable password validation through the ingvalidpam program
1. Change directory:
cd $II_SYSTEM/ingres/bin
2. Log in as root.
3. Change the group ownership of the ingvalidpam file:
chgrp shadow ingvalidpam
4. Change permissions on the ingvalidpam file:
chmod g+s ingvalidpam
5. Set the II_SHADOW_PWD environment variable to ingvalidpam:
ingsetenv II_SHADOW_PWD $II_SYSTEM/ingres/bin/ingvalidpam
Shadow password validation through PAM is enabled.
6. Ensure the PAM configuration file named "ingres" exists at this location:
Linux: /etc/pam.d
UNIX: /etc/pam.conf