6. Implementing Security Auditing : Security Auditing : How to Enable Security Auditing
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How to Enable Security Auditing
By default, security auditing is disabled. You must enable security auditing by setting the security_auditing configuration parameter. In addition, you must specify the level of auditing using the ENABLE SECURITY_AUDIT statement.
To enable security auditing follow these steps:
1. In CBF, select Security, Configure, Auditing.
The Configure Security Auditing screen appears.
2. Scroll to security_auditing. Select Edit to toggle the setting to ON.
3. (Optional) Tab to the Audit log files and use the Edit function to change the location and names of the security audit log files.
4. Connect to the master database iidbdb as the installation owner or security administrator.
5. Issue statements similar to the following to enable the level of security auditing.
To enable security auditing on all operations by all users, installation wide:
To enable query text auditing by a specific user: