4. Authorizing User Access : How to Establish User Access
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How to Establish User Access
The process of establishing access to Ingres is as follows:
1. The system administrator defines user accounts in the operating system.
Accounts are needed for local users and for remote users who access the product through a local account.
Note:  This step is optional:
If an installation password is defined, in which case the user accesses Ingres directly, without having to go through a local account.
For remote users, if the DBMS Server is configured to use DBMS authentication.
Accounts can be set up before or after Ingres is installed (except for the installation owner account, which is set up during installation, belongs to the system administrator, and is assigned maximum privileges to perform all operations).
2. The database administrator defines user objects.
A database administrator or system administrator starts Ingres and defines user objects. Part of the user object definition is a user ID.
If OS authentication is used, the user ID must correspond to the user ID used to log on to the operating system.
Typically, the system administrator sets up a user object for the database administrator, who in turn sets up user objects for other users.