8. Implementing PAM in Ingres : How to Implement Standard Linux or UNIX Security Using PAM : Ingres PAM Configuration File (For Linux or UNIX)
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Ingres PAM Configuration File (For Linux or UNIX)
The contents of the PAM configuration file for some UNIX environments are shown here. (For field descriptions, refer to the PAM documentation.)
SuSE Linux
% cat /etc/pam.d/ingres
auth     include        common-auth
account  include        common-account
Redhat Linux
$ cat /etc/pam.d/ingres
auth       required     pam_unix.so
account    required     pam_unix.so
HP-UX and Solaris
The service name OTHER can be used or "ingres" can be added to /etc/pam.conf, which will use the pam_unix.1 module.
% cat /etc/pam.conf
#ident  "@(#)pam.conf 1.19     95/11/30 SMI"
# PAM configuration
# Authentication management

OTHER    auth         required       /usr/lib/security/libpam_unix.1
OTHER    account      required       /usr/lib/security/libpam_unix.1