8. Implementing PAM in Ingres : Test Ingvalidpam
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Test Ingvalidpam
If you have problems authenticating after you have updated netutil with the user names and passwords, you can use the II_INGVALIDPW_LOG environment variable to troubleshoot.
To turn on logging to troubleshoot the connection
1. Stop the Name Server by issuing the following command:
ingstop -iigcn
2. Set the II_INGVALIDPW_LOG environment variable to an appropriate path name:
C shell:
setenv II_INGVALIDPW_LOG /tmp/ingvalidpam.log
3. Restart the Name Server:
ingstart -iigcn
The results of ingvalidpam are listed in /tmp/ingvalidpam.log (or the path you defined).
4. Turn off logging when you are finished testing:
C shell: