5. Assigning Privileges and Granting Permissions : Object Permissions : Working with Grants
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Working with Grants
You can perform the following basic operations on grants (object permissions):
Grant any permission allowed for a particular object type to any group, role, or user (including public, which encompasses all current and future users)
View all types of object permissions granted to a particular group, role, or user, or view the permissions granted for a particular object type
Revoke a previously granted permission
In SQL, you can grant and revoke permissions using the GRANT and REVOKE statements. To display granted privileges, select data from the iidbprivileges system catalog.
In Actian Director, use the Modify or Properties dialog for user, group, and role.
In VDBA, you can access grants in a number of ways using the Database Object Manager. For example, if you expand the branch for a group, role, or user object, there is a Grants sub-branch where you can access all permissions that have been granted to that particular group, role, or user. You can also expand the branch for other object types, such as a database or a table, and use the associated Grantees… sub-branch to access all groups, roles, and users that have been granted each permission allowed for that type of object. For the detailed steps for performing these procedures, see online help.