C. Standard Catalog Interface : Catalog Formats
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Catalog Formats
Database users can read the standard catalogs, but cannot update them.
To display them, use the interactive query language help table or help view statement, as appropriate, or use Visual DBA.
Unless otherwise noted, values in system catalogs are left justified, and columns are non-nullable.
The length of char fields, as listed in the Data Type column, is a maximum length; the actual length of the field is installation-dependent. When developing applications that access these catalogs, you should allocate storage on the basis of the length as shown in the Data Type column.
All dates stored in system catalogs have the following format, with underscores and colons required:
yyyy_mm_dd hh:mm:ss GMT
yyyy is the year (for example, 2000)
mm is the month (for example, 11)
dd is the day of the month (for example, 21)
hh is the military hour (for example, 13)
mm is the minute (for example, 43)
ss is the second (for example, 32)
GMT is Greenwich Mean Time