6. Managing a Distributed Database with StarView : Moving Around in StarView : Context-sensitive Help
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Context-sensitive Help
Context-sensitive help is available, based on the current task or field with which you are working.
You can obtain help by placing the cursor on the operations menu line and typing h for Help. You also can press the Help key to get help at any time. Sometimes, help is provided on several screens.
What to do
Describes the current screen and the operations menu
Describes the function and control keys and their current definition
Displays a list of valid values for a field or the display format, data type, and validation check, if any, for a field
Displays the type of Help available
Exits from any Help screen to the previous screen
To make a selection on a Help screen, type at least the first unique characters of the operation and press Return, or press the key listed in parentheses after the operation. To move through the Help screens, use the cursor movement keys specific to your terminal. You can see a list of the keys available by selecting the Keys operation from the Help menu.