3. Preparing to Install Ingres Star : How User Authorization to Nodes Is Established : Authorization Examples : Example 2
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Example 2
In the following diagram, the Ingres Star application and the Star Server both run on Node A. The Ingres Star distributed database consists of an SQL Enterprise Access on Node B and an Ingres local DBMS on Node C.
The netutil or ingnet requirements for running the application on Node A are as follows:
On Node A:
There must be an authorization entry for a user on Node A. (Be sure that you do not overlook this authorization step.) The node name supplied to netutil or ingnet should be the same as the value of local_vnode, as described in Defining User Authorization to the Local Node.
There must be private or global entries for node definition and user authorization for Node B and Node C.
On Node B and Node C:
No netutil or ingnet definitions are required.