2. Understanding Ingres Star Architecture : Configuration Access Examples : Example: Single Node Configuration
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Example: Single Node Configuration
The following diagram shows the client and the complete Ingres Star configuration on one node (Node A) and in one installation. The distributed database DISTDB consists of two local databases, DBLOC_A1 and DBLOC_A2, as well as the coordinator database IIDISTDB. As shown in the following diagram, Ingres Star’s access to the local databases as well as to its catalog information in the coordinator database is through a local DBMS:
Node A
To invoke the Terminal Monitor on the distributed database, issue the following command at the operating system prompt:
sql distdb/star
To incorporate TABLE1 in database DBLOC_A1 into the distributed database, issue the following statement in an application or an SQL session:
register table table1 as link
  with node = node_a,
  database = dbloc_a1;
When a Ingres Star user requests data from TABLE1, the Star Server passes the request to the local DBMS, which gets the information from DBLOC_A1.