2. Understanding Ingres Star Architecture : Configuration Access Examples : Example: Three Node Configuration
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Example: Three Node Configuration
The following diagram shows the client on one node, Node A, the Star Server and the coordinator database on another node, Node B, and a local database, DBLOC_C1, on a third node, Node C:
This configuration requires Net on all three nodes and either:
netutil entries for the user on Node A (authorizing a connection to Node B) and on Node B (authorizing a connection to Node C), or
An installation password for Node B on Node A, and an installation password for node C on Node B
To invoke the Terminal Monitor on the distributed database, you must supply a node name as follows at the operating system prompt:
sql node_b::distdb/star
To incorporate TABLE3 in database DBLOC_C1 into the distributed database, issue the following statement in an application or an SQL session:
register table table3 as link
  with node = node_c,
  database = dbloc_c1;
When an Ingres Star user accesses TABLE3, Ingres Star requires a network connection to DBLOC_C1 to access TABLE3.