2. Understanding Ingres Star Architecture : Distributed Database : Ingres Star Components
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Ingres Star Components
In Ingres Star, a distributed database is defined by the following components:
A Coordinator Database (CDB)
A coordinator database contains the catalogs that the Star Server uses to keep track of distributed objects. When a user requires information, the Star Server accesses the coordinator database and associated local databases through the local DBMS Server to get the information. (Although the coordinator database is an Ingres database and can be accessed just like any other database, it is intended to be used solely by the Star Server, so it is advisable to access the coordinator database through Ingres Star only.)
Entries in installation definition catalogs (iidbdb information)
These entries contain information that define each distributed database and coordinator database in the installation, and show which coordinator database is associated with which distributed database. They also contain configuration information that allows Ingres Star to efficiently process queries.
Optional user-specified links to data in other databases
Optional links to other data are generated by the Register as Link Statement--Define Database Objects to Ingres Star. When you register existing data to a distributed database, information on the location of the data is added to the Ingres Star-specific catalogs in the coordinator database.