4. Maintaining a Distributed Database : Naming Conventions : Case : Installation Options
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Installation Options
Ingres Star object names can be case-significant, depending on an option specified during installation. The option specifies the rules that the local Ingres DBMS follows in translating identifiers supplied by the user. (An identifier is the syntactic component of an SQL statement that represents the name of a database object.) There are two types of identifiers:
A regular identifier is a name or word.
A delimited identifier is a word or words delimited by double quotes. It allows extended characters and mixed case.
Option Name
Regular Identifiers
Delimited Identifiers
Lowercase option (Ingres setting)
Convert to lowercase
Convert to lowercase
ISO Entry SQL92 standard
Convert to uppercase
Retain case, even if mixed
With the lowercase option (Ingres setting), createdb creates local and distributed databases whose translation rule is to put into lowercase both regular and delimited identifiers. To create an object with a mixed-case name, you must use the ISO Entry SQL92 standard option, and you must use a delimited identifier to specify the object name.
For a further description of identifiers, see the SQL Reference Guide.