3. Preparing to Install Ingres Star : Installation Requirements : Installation Prompts for Ingres Star
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Installation Prompts for Ingres Star
During installation you will be prompted for certain information needed by Ingres Star:
Net connections
Each Ingres Star user session requires one connection for each remote LDB being referenced while connected to Ingres Star. For example, if a user needs to connect to ten remote LDBs, you must establish ten outbound connections on the Ingres Star node, plus one inbound connection on each of the remote nodes.
If a distributed database has tables registered from 10 remote LDBs and all 10 remote LDBs are accessed by Ingres Star during the user’s session, then 10 connections are required. If two users are to access this distributed database simultaneously, then 20 Net connections are required.
All connections are kept open until the user ends the session.
To specify or modify the number of inbound and outbound connections, see the System Administrator Guide.
Local Ingres DBMS connections
For each Ingres Star user session, three local sessions (connections) are required between the Star Server and the local DBMS for Ingres Star access to the coordinator database. For example, if the Star Server is configured for five user sessions, the local Ingres DBMS Server must be configured for at least 15 user sessions.