4. Maintaining a Distributed Database : Remove Statement--Remove Registration : Remove Table Statement
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Remove Table Statement
The remove table statement removes from the Ingres Star catalogs table definitions that were manually registered using register table as link, or which were automatically registered using create table at the Ingres Star level.
The local DBMS table itself is not changed, but all the Ingres Star catalog definitions are deleted, including any related view or index definitions.
The remove table statement has the following format:
remove [table] [if exists] table_name
Is an optional object identifier. If you do not specify table, the registration of table_name is deleted whether the object is a table or a view. If table is specified, the object named must be a table.
if exists
Suppresses error reporting for the specified object if the object does not exist or exists but is not owned by you.
Is the registered Ingres Star name of the table. It can be delimited with double quotes.