6. Managing a Distributed Database with StarView : Moving Around in StarView : Options for Selecting an Operation : Select an Operation by Function Key
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Select an Operation by Function Key
To select an operation that has a function key (or key combination) mapped to it, simply press that key. This invokes the operation regardless of where the cursor is when you press the key. The function key that is mapped to an operation is shown in parentheses after the operation.
Select an Operation by Name
To select an operation from the menu by name, follow these steps:
1. Press the menu key.
The cursor is moved to the menu.
2. Type either the full name or enough letters to uniquely identify the operation you want to select, and then press Return.
For example, if the operations Find and Forget are displayed on the same menu line, you must type at least fi to identify Find and at least fo to identify Forget.