B. SQL Statement Summary : Statements Supported by Ingres Star : Set
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The set statement sets an option for the Ingres session, or sets an option for the tables in the distributed database.
If the set option is on a session, the option is sent to each local DBMS currently connected to Ingres Star. Ingres Star also saves the option and sends it to any local DBMS subsequently connected to Ingres Star. Note that the session option cannot be used in a Ingres Star database to alter the lockmode, other than to set the lock timeout. Statements such as "SET LOCKMODE SESSION WHERE READLOCK=NOLOCK" are not supported.
If the set option is on a table, the option is sent to the local DBMS that holds the underlying table.
Ingres Star supports these set statements:
set autocommit on|off
This statement is not sent to the local DBMS. Ingres Star simply sends a commit statement to each local DBMS when it has completed processing the user’s query.
set ddl_concurrency on|off
set joinop [no]timeout
set lockmode
set [no]optimizeonly
set [no]printqry
set [no] qep
set result_structure
set update_rowcount changed|qualified