6. Managing a Distributed Database with StarView : The ObjAttr Operation
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The ObjAttr Operation
To show information about any object displayed in the Distributed Database Contents frame, select an object and choose the ObjAttr operation. The Object Atttributes pop-up window is displayed:
The following attributes of the chosen table or view are displayed in the pop-up window:
Object Type
The type of object: table, a view, or an index
Object Name
Name of the object
Owner of the object
Creation Date
Date the object was created
Alter Date
Date the object was last altered
Object Subtype
The subtype of the object, either Native (created at the Ingres Star level) or Link (created locally and registered as link)
Indicates whether the object is user-created or system-created
Local Object Name
Local name of the object
DBMS type
Type of local DBMS
Node Name
Name of the node
Local Database Name
Name of the local database
Depending on the type of object selected, the pop-up window displays information about a local table, view, or index, or a distributed view.