5. Using a Distributed Database : Updating Catalog Information Using verifydb
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Updating Catalog Information Using verifydb
The verifydb command is an Ingres utility to provide database management, supportability, and disaster recovery services.
This section discusses the use of the refresh_ldbs operation of verifydb to notify Ingres Star of remote database upgrades to which a distributed database already has registered objects. For a full explanation of verifydb and all its flags, see the Command Reference Guide.
The refresh_ldbs operation of verifydb allows you to update distributed database Ingres Star catalog information dealing with the version level of remote non-distributed databases that are upgraded after the remote non-distributed databases have been registered with the distributed database. You want the remote non-distributed database to reflect its latest upgrade version so that Ingres Star will accept all upgraded features available to the remote non-distributed database.
The refresh operation is performed by specifying the verifydb command with the -orefresh_ldbs parameter. This operation reads the standard catalogs of each remote database processed and makes sure that the Ingres Star catalog correctly reflects the iidbcapabilities levels of the various remote non-distributed databases that contain objects registered to the distributed database. It does so without changing the contents or semantics of the standard catalog interface.
It is recommended that you run this operation on a distributed database after you run upgradedb on any of the remote databases accessed by the distributed database. For details on running upgradedb, see the appendix “Release Compatibility.”