A. Release Compatibility : Utilities for Updating a Release 6.4 Star Database
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Utilities for Updating a Release 6.4 Star Database
Use the upgradedb and upgradefe utilities to update a Release 6.4 Star database to the current release.
Upgradedb is a utility to reformat catalogs from Release 6.4 versions to the correct format for the current release. It upgrades DBMS, Standard, Ingres tools and Star catalogs to the current release. User tables are not affected by upgradedb.
Upgradefe is a utility that will upgrade Ingres tools catalogs to the format required by the current release. It can also be used to install new tools clients. (Upgradedb uses upgradefe to update tools catalogs.)
The following sections discuss Ingres Star-specific usage of these conversion utilities. For complete details on using upgradedb and upgradefe, see the Upgrade Guide.