4. Maintaining a Distributed Database : VDBA and Distributed Database Maintenance
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VDBA and Distributed Database Maintenance
You can use Visual DBA to maintain a distributed database. Use the Databases branch in the Database Object Manager window.
The following topics in the VDBA online help contain procedures to maintain distributed databases:
Creating a Database
Note:  To create a database, you need the createdb privilege. This subject privilege is granted by default to the system administrator, who in turn can grant it to other users, such as database administrators, who need to create databases. For more information on subject privileges, see the Database Administrator Guide.
Dropping a Database
Creating a Table on a Distributed Database (choose Creating a Table first)
Creating a View
Dropping a Table
Dropping a View
Registering a Distributed Table or View
Registering a Distributed Procedure
Refreshing Registered Tables and Views
Removing Registrations