2. Using Ingres Commands : convtouni Command—Convert Character Data to Unicode : convtouni Examples
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convtouni Examples
Given a database userdb with tables tab1, tab2, tab3, and tab4 with char and varchar columns, the following command creates statements to convert all columns of all tables to Unicode.
convtouni userdb
The following command converts three columns in the tab1 table and all columns of tab2 table of the userdb database into Unicode. The sqlfile=myfile.sql and the executable script is generated in directory /users/ingres/myloc:
convtouni userdb -dest=/users/ingres/myloc sqlfile=myfile.sql -col=tab1.col1
-col=tab1.col2 ‑col=tab1.col3 tab2
The following command immediately executes the above commands:
convtouni userdb -automodify -col=tab1.col1 -col=tab1.col2 -col=tab1.col3 tab2
The following command converts all columns of all tables, but only col1 and col2 of the tab1 table:
convtouni userdb -automodify -col=tab1.col1 -col=tab1.col2